Be the leader, not the organizer - Eliminate the worry of planning logistics by hiring a pro.

Think back to the last event you hosted for your clients, employees or partners. Do your memories focus on all the promising connections you made with top performing clients, high potential employees, or valuable colleagues? Or, instead, are you flashing back to the last-minute adjustment to the menu, issues with a too small venue, or an AV system that didn’t work? Worse yet, did your guests only remember the mishaps because you were preoccupied with the behind the scenes details? If you answered “yes” to any of the latter, then let me help you with your next event so it can be a more rewarding and successful experience for everyone! 

If you’re like me, you’ve been to social events where your hosts are so busy making sure the drinks are cold and the food is warm, they don’t have a chance to socialize with their guests! Leaders of corporate events are susceptible to the same hazard – getting involved in the details and logistics, and not having enough time and energy to dedicate to their audience; spending more time talking to the caterer than to their clients. 

Your time is priceless – literally – there’s only one leader like you. Your event participants, whether they are employees, clients or prospects, each deserve a moment of your time. What’s the best strategy for ensuring your focus is on your business objective rather than logistics and details? Work with a professional planner! Even though I have been in the planning business for over twenty years, I am still amazed at how much time the most minute details can consume.  Emails between vendors and subcontractors can mount overnight as all the final details of a product showcase event fall into place.  Wouldn’t you rather be planning your strategy on how to sign the next big client rather than confirming the number of outlets you’ll need available at each booth?

You wouldn’t dream of letting your attendees leave a reception without having food that meet their needs, right? With the emphasis on healthy diets – do you have options for your guests who have special dietary needs? It’s no longer a matter of beef, chicken or fish. It pays to have options available – Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescetarian, Kosher, Lactose free, various food allergies… the potential options are dizzying. The good news is you can accommodate many of these requests with the same types of food. I work with caterers to make sure your guests feel welcome, discretely accommodated and appreciated, even with something as seemingly simple as meal options. 

Here’s the bottom line – as your event planner, I take care of the hundreds of details so you can focus on the goals and objectives of the event.  Imagine your next event – and you are spending your time at the event with clients, employees and colleagues – those moments translate to opportunity, new business and revenue. Last minute conflicts with registration, catering questions or parking vouchers have never translated to increased sales. Let me handle the details – you handle the opportunities! 

Do you have questions about working with a professional planner, but don’t have anyone to talk to? Send me an email – - I can answer any questions or address concerns about working with a planner from KOB Event Solutions! Interesting conversations and initial consultations are always complimentary- let me help you get started towards achieving your event goals!