Why spend money on a professional event planner? Is it really worth it?

This article could be very short – just six words: “Yes! Trust me – it’s worth it!” 

Instead, let’s explore how hiring a professional planner for your next event can actually save you money! As a savvy business leader, you have goals and objectives associated with bringing a group of people together at an event. These can include:

·      increased client retention, 

·      better employee engagement, 

·      improved sales results

These goals positively impact your bottom line – maybe even your ever-important top line! An investment in professional event planning can help you achieve your goals and save you money, time and ensure peace of mind. 

Saving Cash!

First, there are obvious hard benefits – real savings that a professional event planner can help provide: negotiated rates, discounts, etc.  In addition, my experience and network translate to an appropriate venue and experienced vendors that will meet your goals and be within budget. Beyond that, there are cost savings that only an experienced event planner can source for you. I commit to working within a budget and can make trade-offs on your behalf. I gather information regarding overall budget, goals, tone and logistics of the event – all of which help us make sound decisions 

I also know where to invest dollars (comfortable chairs and good AV support for a day-long seminar), and where an investment may not make a difference (providing branded notepads vs. using complimentary hotel pens and pads for attendees).  Even more importantly, I can foresee issues and prevent problems! That means less fees associated with rush services, last minute purchases, overnight shipping, etc. The two guiding principles of my event planning service are to ensure you 1) exceed your goals, and 2) are pleased with your investment in the event.

Saving Time!

Soft dollar savings are savings most companies do not consider. The best example is opportunity cost. If you assign this work to an internal resource, that person will be trading off time from her/his regular duties to deliver a successful event. With an average of 100-200 staff hours to plan and execute an event, that equates to 4 ½ weeks away from their regular responsibilities. The opportunity cost of taking someone out of their role is real – and if overtime is involved, it’s more real – at the rate time and a half! Outsourcing some or all of this this of work may be a good option for you. I enjoy working side by side with internal resources on events. I focus my time and energy on details of the event that are more tactical, leaving the internal resource to receive real development by learning the process. 

Peace of Mind 

Last, but certainly not least, the biggest return on investment is not in real dollars but in avoiding worry and anxiety. When a client hires me to plan an event, I take on the burden of accountability, the worry and fretting over details. If there are sleepless nights in your future, let me take them off your to-do list! You can rest easy and focus on the things that are most important for your event – you being a leader, a cheerleader, and a host! Peace of mind is invaluable.

Do you have questions about working with a professional planner, but don’t have anyone to talk to? Send me an email – kris@kobeventsolutions.com - I can answer any questions or address concerns about working with a planner from KOB Event Solutions! Interesting conversations and initial consultations are always complimentary- let me help you get started towards achieving your event goals!