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1] Sourcing/Site Selection, including Negotiations and Contract Review

Whether you have a clear picture of your meeting needs or you aren't sure where to start, KOB Event Solutions can save you time and money by researching and providing a prioritized recap of your site options.

We ask the important questions on your behalf - and some you may not know were important!
With every hotel proposal we make sure to capture:

• Best possible room rates, food and beverage minimums, and meeting room rental rates
• Attrition
• Concessions
• Cancellation policy

Once you have selected your hotel, we'll work on your behalf to negotiate the best savings possible.

2] Budget Management

• Our expertise includes providing a cost projection to determine if the location/venue and event fits in your budget.
• During the planning process, we'll update and keep you informed of unexpected pricing changes.
• If we provide full event management, we'll provide a detailed expense recap outlining your actual expenses and a per person price.

Optional: Need help with Fair Market Value or 1099 reporting? No problem; we'll provide final reports on your attendees.

3] Site Inspection

We offer flexible options for site inspection - whether it's providing a checklist for you to vet the location yourself or going on your behalf. We believe in-person inspections are crucial - often, descriptions on paper or over the phone won't match your vision. By conducting a site inspection, we are able to review and confirm the following:

• Meeting space works with your needs
• Service matches your expectations
• Venue matches online photos and descriptions
• Relationships continue to be developed
• Negotiations are finalized

4] Website Registration

We can build a registration website to capture all the important information needed, such as:

• Contact information (first name, last name, address, cell phone, email address)
• Emergency contact information
• Dietary needs
• Hotel and Air travel preferences
• Optional: Clothing size, activity selections, and other specific requested information

The registration process also includes:

• Email confirmations sent to each attendee after a successful registration
• Name badge list
• Option for a password for website registration login (private list)
• Option for credit card payments (with a processing fee)
• Ability to create basic and customized reports

Optional Service:

• Manage attendee questions via email and phone
• Create and send pre and/or post surveys electronically

5] Air Travel

Whether you have a preferred travel provider or are just looking for the best deal, we can take care of your airfare needs.

Our air ticketing process includes:

• Reviewing registrations to ensure dates, names, and other information is accurate for booking prior to confirming flights
• Monitoring ticket purchases by confirming all attendees are ticketed and adhering to budget and/or corporate guidelines
• Creating detailed arrival and departure lists so you know the arrivals and departures of all attendees

6] Vendor Research

Should your event need other elements in addition to hotel, website registration, and air travel, we'll research, recommend, and secure specialty vendors.

Our service can and does include:

• DMC (Destination Management Company) – local company that specializes in a variety of services for meeting/events in their area
• Ground Transportation
• Entertainment/Speakers
• Photographers
• Décor Elements
• Offsite Venue/Restaurants
• Activities
• Gifts (able to provide options in differing price ranges)

We'll manage these specialty vendors from negotiations to contract review as well as remain the sole point of contact to give you more time to host the event!

7] Timeline

Events are complicated. From food and beverage guarantees to room deposits to communications, we'll handle all the moving parts. We'll take on these tasks and provide you with the to-do list and due dates. Our process includes creating a customized timeline to ensure that all deadlines are met!

8] Gifts

Want to treat your attendees to something special? We'll do the legwork. We'll discuss your vision, budget, and any specific requirements (such as FINRA or other corporate rules/regulation) and create unforgettable options!

9] Overall Event Management

Need our team to handle all aspects of your event? In addition to the services above, here's what we'll do for you:

• Create detailed meeting specifications for the hotel and other venues
• Create and maintain the rooming list with pre/post extensions, changes and cancellations
• Monitor any elements that may impact your event (ie. weather, traffic, other events in town, social or newsworthy events)
• Proof and monitor arrival/departures, ensuring that the rooming list and ground transportation elements align
• Monitor and work with all vendors, handling special requests as necessary
• Communicate with you, vendors, and attendees, should any part of the planning, event, or process change
• Communicate with you to keep you informed and aware of budget fluctuations and roadblocks
• Provide recommendations to ‘add value’ to your event (without increasing the budget)